Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the world of men's grooming can be complex and full of questions. That's why we've compiled this comprehensive FAQ section to help you understand more about MANGROOMER's innovative grooming solutions

Are MANGROOMER products waterproof?

Many MANGROOMER products are designed to be 100% waterproof, allowing for use in the shower and easy cleaning.

Can the MANGROOMER back hair shaver be used without assistance?

Yes, the back hair shaver is designed for self-use. It features an extendable handle and ergonomic design for easy reach and use without assistance.

How long does the battery last in MANGROOMER products?

The battery life varies by product. For instance, the Lithium MAX PLUS+ battery lasts up to 5 times longer than standard batteries and provides quick recharges.

Are MANGROOMER products suitable for all hair types?

MANGROOMER products are suitable for most hair types. However, they may be less effective on very thick or coarse hair.

How do I clean my MANGROOMER product?

Cleaning instructions vary by product. Generally, waterproof products can be rinsed under water. For others, use the included cleaning brush to remove hair debris.