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- M. Alward

"Just received my new Ultimate Pro. I love it! It is so easy to use. Goodbye forever to paying $50 to wax my back. This is absolutely a "must have" item for every guy with a hairy back. OUTSTANDING PRODUCT!!!"


- Joe

"Hi! Just received the products today! thank you very much for your great customer service."


- Ken

"OMG! I’ve been a consumer of Mangroomer from your first, battery powered unit. When I first came across your product I was so excited and hopeful, since this would help solve an embarrassing (to me) problem, that up until that point I had been waxing all of my adult life. I was thrilled when I started using the first Mangroomer on my back. It was private, I could use it anytime and even though I still occasionally waxed, it was a great in-between solution. Next came another version, your battery charged unit, which I purchased when it came out. It was a nice improvement and it was a bit quieter since there was no battery compartment vibrating. A few weeks ago I purchased your newest, improved model with its shock absorber head and the replacement foil head. OMG! I am sooo happy with this new version! "


- Matt

"Thank you very much for your quick responses as well and overall terrific customer service. I have never had a better customer service experience than the one I've had with your company. Thank you for making this whole process quick and easy. It makes all the difference. I will surely use your products in the future and be sure to recommend them to everyone I know."


- Frank

"Thanks so much.  Mangroomer really does stand behind their products and I will continue to buy them."


- Steve

"Thank you.  I will tell you this has been by far the best customer service I have ever had.  Absolutely fantastic.  I will recommend your products to all that I can."


- David

"Thank you.  Your customer service is beyond great."


- Ovais

"Hey thank you guys very much for your help. You have been awesome."


- Jeff

"thank you very much for the outstanding customer service! That’s a rare thing in business today but something that is definitely the mark of a great company. Have a great day from a very satisfied customer!"


- Bruce

"Just a short note to say your trimmer is really a performer and a half. It way out performs other trimmers by light years."


- Rick

"This is easily the best shaver I ever bought, the scruff sculptor."


- Terry

"Your Awesome. . . . Thank You!"


- Brandyse

"I truly appreciate your awesome response. You don't find very many companies with EXCELLENT customer service anymore. I'm truly impressed."


- Donell

"Just wanted to point out that the customer service team there is AWESOME!! Thanks for handling this issue so quick and efficiently. Looking forward to trying more products from this company!"


- Mark

"WOW! I know where I'll be purchasing all my grooming products from, thanks guys!!!"


- Luis

"Absolutely outstanding customer service!!!!!!!  If this company is publicly traded, I will be purchasing shares. Will recommend your products to everyone I know. Keep up the excellent work!!!!"


- Brian

"This type of customer satisfaction is rare and you now have a customer for life."


- Beatrice

"I gave the nose & ear trimmer to my NYPD detective husband for Christmas. We are both more than thrilled. He looks great! He cant stop raving how wonderfully it works, the excellent design, the ease, and the fantastic results. He has tried other trimmers, and at 48 years old, he had not found anything that worked. He would joke that he had baby tarantulas in his nose. I heard about the trimmer on Howard Stern, and knowing that Howard only promotes good products, I purchased one for one of his holiday gifts. I was surprised at the economical price. To my delight, my husband is thrilled, and I have a well groomed, easy on the eyes, husband."


- Rashad

"I've recommended this product to my friends and anyone else that I can ever get a chance to. Thank you for producing something that truly works, and more than that help me feel confidant again!"


- John

"I wanted to tell you thank you and say how happy we are with the mangroomers. I will recommend your company to all our friends and family."


- Rick

"Your product and customer support is top of the line !!!!"


- Billy

"I like the mangroomer product very much. Thank you for inventing this!"


- Mark

"Thanks! I'm looking forward to receiving the mangroomer unit as I'm looking like a gorilla!"


- Nick

"Thanks! I'm looking forward to receiving the mangroomer unit as I'm looking like a gorilla!"


- Nick

"MANGROOMER is a top 5 invention of all time!"


- Michael

"Great customer service. I am one happy customer!"


- Igor

"Thank you so much, best customer service!"


- Paul

"I think your products are fantastic and I think that your customer service is beyond belief! I will most certainly continue to recommend your products to others. Thanks so much."


- Nathan



- Paul

"incredible service! I will be sure to let others know! Thanks Mangroomer!"


- Greg

"I like companies who stand behind their products. I will recommend you product to all my friends and others for gifts this holiday season!"


- Shahed

"I love your products and support team. Thanks again."


- Steve

"I really appreciate your prompt attention and your highest respect for the customer. Thanks."


- J. Vigna

"I would just like to say thank you. I am very pleased with the quick response from your company. Thank You once again."


- Erik

"I buy mangroomer products because I know that you stand behind your products. Thanks again for the wonderful customer service."


- Kevin

"Much thanks to everyone at customer service for a quick response in regards to the warranty on my back shaver. You stand behind your products. Thank you again and have a great Thanksgiving."


- Stuart

"Just wanted to say you rock! Thanks for so promptly helping me with my mangroomer. your customer service is one more reason why I will continue to recommend your products to others. thanks"


- Randy

"I love your product, and am a long time user! Mangroomer has shaved (no pun intended) minutes off my swimming, biking and running times, not to mention what it has done for the vain side of me - Thanks again for your awesome product!!!"


- Rafael

"I must say how thoroughly impressed I am by your company! I received the groomer today and wanted to thank you for my new nose trimmer! You have blown away my wildest customer service expectations and I promise to sing the praises of your company to ALL! Again THANK YOU!"


- John

"Wow! Thanks for the quick response and willingness to go above and beyond."