PROFESSIONAL Ionic Hair Dryer for Men

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PROFESSIONAL Ionic Hair Dryer for Men

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MANGROOMER® has developed the PROFESSIONAL Ionic Hair Dryer designed specifically for men’s needs. Features include the ion technology button, which emits precision negative ions that seal hair cuticles, preserve natural oils, eliminate frizz and restore moisture balance creating smoother and shinier hair. It has been built with a salon professional quality AC motor that operates at 1875 watts for 40 percent faster air flow and three times longer motor life.
The MANGROOMER® PROFESSIONAL Ionic Hair Dryer's operating options include 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings for variable degrees of temperature and air speed, thus creating 6 unique dryer settings. In addition, there is a bonus cold shot button that provides a blast of cold air to set hair once you've achieved desired style, all with just the touch of your finger during operation. The air intake vent is comprised of an oversized Stainless Steel filter for ultimate performance and durability.

    • 1875 watts
    • Designed specifically for men's needs
    • Pro ionic indicator light with on/off switch
    • Cool burst button
    • 6 heat/speed settings
    • Concentrator nozzle
  • Stainless-steel filter screen