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INTELLIMAX™ PRO Nose and Ear Trimmer with an Extra Rotary TIP and Blade

INTELLIMAX™ PRO Nose and Ear Trimmer with an Extra Rotary TIP and Blade

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The MANGROOMER® - INTELLIMAX™ PRO Nose Hair and Ear Hair Trimmer stands as a pinnacle of grooming innovation, an unrivaled solution for men who seek effortless refinement by banishing those troublesome, unruly, and aesthetically bothersome nose and ear hairs. In its latest iteration, the INTELLIMAX PRO design epitomizes revolutionary progress with the inclusion of the cutting-edge INTELLIMAX PRO Lithium Battery system, a profound leap forward in grooming technology. This upgraded lithium battery, interchangeable among all MANGROOMER INTELLIMAX PRO products, elegantly charges via any USB-C plug, affording convenience and longevity. The sheer brilliance of the INTELLIMAX PRO Battery system is further enhanced by the ability of one to acquire additional rechargeable batteries separately, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply that can be readily replaced when expended.

The hallmark of this grooming marvel lies in its meticulously engineered 360° technically advanced stainless steel rotary blades, guaranteeing a seamlessly pain-free grooming experience. These blades trim effortlessly, obviating the discomfort and tugging often associated with nose and ear hair removal. This nose hair and ear hair trimmer nestles perfectly in the palm of your hand, offering ergonomic excellence that grants exquisite control and comfort during every grooming session, rendering slips and fumbling a distant memory.

Maintenance of this device has been ingeniously simplified through the incorporation of the HYDRASPIN Cleaning System. With utmost ease, one can rinse the tip under a faucet, witnessing water shooting forth to expunge accumulated nose and ear hair shavings and detritus. The unit, an epitome of versatility, possesses 100% waterproof properties, alleviating any concerns about its exposure to water.

Moreover, as a testament to the commitment to excellence, the premium packaging of this trimmer includes a gracious offering of a Replacement Nose Hair and Ear Hair Trimmer Blade and Tip, along with a convenient storage bag. The trimmer's compact and travel-friendly size ensures that it will slip into your bag seamlessly, affording you the opportunity to remain impeccably groomed even while on the move, regardless of your worldly destination. Elevate your grooming prowess to the MAX with the MANGROOMER INTELLIMAX PRO Nose Hair and Ear Hair Trimmer and Groomer, where sophistication and innovation converge to redefine the art of personal grooming.

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INTELLIMAX PRO Nose and Ear Trimmer Highlights:

  • The revolutionary INTELLIMAX PRO Nose Hair and Ear Hair Trimmer advanced design enables you to get rid of those unruly nose hairs and ear hairs, which increases your confidence and has you looking like a rockstar!
  • The new INTELLIMAX PRO Lithium Battery is interchangeable with all MANGROOMER INTELLIMAX PRO products and simply charges with any USB-C plug. The beauty of the INTELLIMAX PRO Battery System is that the lithium battery can be used in all of the INTELLIMAX PRO products, plus additional batteries can be purchased separately so you have spare power at the ready and can be replaced if you feel it is time for a new fresh battery.
  • HYDRASPIN™ Cleaning System and 100% Waterproof: Just rinse under running water to flush out old nose hair and ear hair shavings and debris. For an even deeper clean and more hygienic flush, remove the detachable head and rinse under running water. Please read our manual for detailed use of all features.
  • 360° stainless steel rotary blade system ensure a smooth, pain-free grooming experience, eliminating tugging and discomfort in and around the nose and ear.
  • FREE Replacement Nose Hair and Ear Hair Trimmer Blade and Tip and storage bag. We hooked you up so you can keep grooming with confidence.
  • The rubberized nose hair and ear hair trimmer fits perfectly in your hand, providing ergonomic, exceptional control and comfort during use. No more slips or fumbling. Compact and travel-friendly trimmer also comes with a convenient storage bag, to neatly place into your travel bag, ensuring you stay groomed on the go, no matter where life takes you.
  • Our High-end packaging makes for great gifts and storage. MANGROOMER takes ear and nose hair removal, manscaping and men's grooming to the MAX with the MANGROOMER INTELLIMAX PRO Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer and the all-new INTELLIMAX PRO Rechargeable and Swappable Lithium Battery System for all MANGROOMER INTELLIMAX PRO shaving products.


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