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PROFESSIONAL Body Groomer and Trimmer, Wet or Dry

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PROFESSIONAL Body Groomer and Trimmer, Wet or Dry

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PROFESSIONAL Body Groomer for all your manscaping needs

Introducing the new MANGROOMER® PROFESSIONAL Body Groomer with PROPIVOT Head, 3 Trimmer Attachment Combs, Wet / Dry, and Rechargeable.  Our ergonomic design allows you to experience the best in body grooming comfort and convenience. Easily groom, shave, style and trim all areas of your body including the underarms, shoulders, chest, legs, arms, stomach and groin.  It can be used wet, dry or even in the shower.

Some of the key features include our newest PROPIVOT Head which during body grooming, follows the contour of the intended area of the body for complete blade to skin contact, resulting in the ultimate shave in comfort and closeness.

For the areas you want to keep hair at a nice trimmed length, use any of the 3 attachment combs, which is ideal for styling and trimming areas of the body including underarms, chest, stomach, shoulders and groin where you want hair to be maintained, not shaved completely.

The MANGROOMER PROFESSIONAL Body Groomer is 100% waterproof which makes it convenient to groom, shave and trim your body hair in the shower or out, plus it is easy to clean just by rinsing with water and completely maintenance-free.

Additional features are the ergonomic body design with a soft, rubberized grip allowing for maximum control, durability, and comfort during precision body grooming and trimming.

The body groomer comes equipped with a low-profile folding charging stand and display.  It dually charges and displays your PROFESSIONAL Body Groomer and folds flat for storage and travel

For even more added convenience, the charge indicator light alerts you when the PROFESSIONAL Body Groomer is charging and fully charged, plus the quick charge battery allows for easy and fast re-charging.


Key Features of the new MANGROOMER PROFESSIONAL Body Groomer:
    - Shave and trim all areas of your body with precision and ease plus 3 different size trimmer length attachment combs

    - Body groomer shaving head has combined double-sided trimmer or foil blade design that cuts both long and short body hair effortlessly to complete smoothness in one fluid motion

    - Pivoting head to follow all contours of the body and cutting-edge stainless steel blades

    - 3 different size length attachment combs for trimming hair to your desired length and display charging stand

    - Wet or dry and can be used in the shower plus rechargeable with red or green indicator charging light

       Benefits of using your new MANGROOMER PROFESSIONAL Body Groomer:

      - Eliminating unsightly, overgrown body hair increases self-confidence and projects a more refined, masculine image to look and feel great

      - Grooming your groin area will help create the effect of a larger appearance for the family jewels and your partner will appreciate a well groomed man during intimacy

      - Trimming your underarm hair will help you to sweat less, plus help reduce body odor

      - Increase athletic performance and muscle definition by grooming other areas of the body like your chest, shoulders and stomach. Boxers, MMA fighters, football players, baseball players, triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, cross-fitters, bodybuilders and many more athletes manscape areas of their body to get that performance edge

      - Mangroom whatever feels good to you.  Maintain Yourself®!

      Tips on getting the best performance from your PROFESSIONAL Body Groomer:

      - For longer hairs, start with the longest attachment comb to create shorter stubble, and then use the body groomer head to get that ultra-close smooth shave

      - Use different comb lengths for the desired sculpting, styling, trimming areas of the body where you want hair remaining including underarms, chest, groin, legs and arms

      - Start with the largest 7mm trimming comb and then work your way lower, due that you can always shave more hair off, but you cannot put the hair back

      - Always use a light touch when shaving, due that pressing too hard will only flatten your hair and make it more difficult to trim the longer hairs

      - Shave or trim against the natural growth of the hair

      - Make sure your shaver is fully charged before 1st use for optimum performance, the green light appears when charging is complete